Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Letter to Paul Simon

November 6, 2014

Dear Paul Simon,
            I’m writing to thank you because you and your music were instrumental to me marrying my wife. In autumn of 2011, I introduced a friend, Fr. Jim, to your album, “So Beautiful or So What”. Mightily impressed with the album, Fr. Jim brought your CD to a card game that he occasionally played with three friends, one of whom, Jamie, would later become my beautiful wife.  Jamie and her family have all been life-long fans of your music, so after she listened to “So Beautiful…”, she suggested to Fr. Jim that we should all go see you in concert in Oklahoma City on November 6th, 2011.
            Jamie and I had met briefly before we attended your concert, but we didn’t know much about each other. Taking a road trip from Wichita to Oklahoma City, tailgating outside the Civic Center Music Hall, and attending your fantastic show afforded us the opportunity to learn a little bit about each other.
            When your road crew experienced technical difficulties with the soundboard, we were delighted when you performed a stripped-down, six-song set in the lobby of the Civic Center with members of The Punch Brothers. After the soundboard issues were solved, you performed a generously long set. You are Jamie’s and my favorite musical artist, and the concert proved the best show either of us has ever experienced.
            The week after the concert, Jamie and I began dating. Because we were both in our late thirties when we met, we often quote your song “Love and Hard Times” to each other: “Thank God, I found you in time.” My wife and I christened November 6th “Paul Simon Day”, and each year we celebrate the anniversary of your Oklahoma City concert. Tonight, Jamie and I will raise a glass of wine to your good health. He’s to you, Mr. Simon!
Most Sincerely,

Jack Korbel 

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